Kanye album to be released on November 22

It seems like all is forgiven for Kanye West devoting most of his career to being a douche, and now everyone’s just focusing on his new album, which apparently is coming out on November 22.  Kanye’s being quite secretive about certain details (like the title of the album), and it seems like he’s being his usual, er, “confident” self when it comes to talking about his music.  On Kanye’s Twitter, he referred to his recent Saturday Night Live performance as “performance art,” and is already talking about being back on the top of the charts.  Judging by the reactions to the leaked tracks from the album, though, he probably knows what he’s talking about, as the songs have been getting rave advance reviews, and no doubt Kanye West will soon be the center of the music world’s attention again, which is exactly what he craves.