Kim Kardashian Obviously Missed The News; Adopts Chimp


Nothing like hopping on a trend after it’s left the station! Big Kim Kardashian and family obviously haven’t been watching the news, because the morons adopted a chimp. Yes, there’s nothing these famewhores won’t do!

Kim blabs in her blog:

Her name is Suzy, she is three years old, and she is a handful! She steals our BlackBerrys and climbs up my mom’s bed.

Having a monkey is a lot of work. Suzy always has her diaper on and we are the ones who have to change it!

It’s just like having an infant but worse because Suzy runs around like a teenager! She always needs to be fed, drinks out of a bottle and she loves Capri Sun juices!

I KNOW King Kong Khloe Kardashian is behind this numbskull move. She bonded instantly with Suzy. Upside: being chased around the house by a crazed chimp is an excellent workout. Just don’t get your faces torn off. Keep the Glock handy, girls!