Al Gore’s Daughter Karenna Gore Announces Separation from Husband

One week after Al Gore and wife Tipper Gore announced they are seperating, their daughter, Karenna Gore, has also declared she has seperated from Drew Schiff, her husband of 12 years.

Like parents, like daughter, we guess. Former vice-president Al Gore and wife Tipper Gore declared last week they are seperating after 40 years of marriage. Now daughter Kerenna Gore has also come out to confirm she has split from husband Drew Schiff.

Karenna Gore Schiff
Karenna Gore Schiff (publicity photo)

According to, 36-year-old Gore and 44-year-old Schiff “have been seperated for a couple of months and in marriage counseling.” The sources quoted spoke anonymously to the tabloid because they were not authorized by the couple to disclose information. Reps for the Gore family have said they will not be commenting any further on the story.

The couple lives in New York City and have three children together, 10-year-old Wyatt, 8-year-old Anna and 3-year-old Oscar.

Karenna Gore Schiff is the oldest child of Al and Tipper Gore and has worked as an attorney and journalist. She is also the author of the biography Lighting The Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America in 2006.

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