Crimes Against Fashion: Victoria Beckham Edition

Holy insufferability, Victoria Beckham! What is UP with THIS jet-set outfit? You look like a cross between The Fly and Karl Lagerfeld. No, really. Those are Karl’s sunglasses, and he wants them back. Tom Hanks wants his Polar Express cap back too, and PETA is coming for that heinous coat- er, dress -uh, torso-cover. Swat ’em off with your giant Poshpurse. Hopefully you aren’t wearing those ridiculous boots with no heels so you can RUN.

Yeah. These boots.

Madonna Looks Pretty Desperate

Here’s 50 year-old Madonna wearing a pair of shoes with handgun heels at the premiere of her “directorial debut” movie Filth and Wisdom. These shoes, designed by Karl Lagerfeld are set to be sold around the world. Snarkista thinks they will be must-have accessories for gang members.

Madge is getting slammed by a UK victims’ group for wearing the fugly shoes. Not because they’re fugly, but because of their message to vulnerable kids.
Lyn Costello, from Mothers Against Murder And Aggression (MAMAA), said:

“I am horrified that Madonna can see these shoes as fashion. As a mother herself I would have thought that she would have paused for a second and thought about all the young people here and in her own country that have died because of gun crime. She should have thought about all the young people that have died because of gun crime. We need the whole of society to take responsibility and action in stopping the glamorization of weapons. Celebrities have a massive part to play and an icon like Madonna should have more sense. It’s uncaring. Surely she reads the news and realizes that young people are dying every day.”

Newsflash: What Madonna considers “fashion” can be QUITE horrifying. It is also becoming increasingly desperate…she co-opted her 11 year-old daughter Lourdes look a few weeks ago during one of her Sticky And Sweet tour performances. Lourdes wears black-rimmed glasses, so Madge figured she’d look hip and younger by wearing them too. Fail. And fail on the fugly gun shoes too.