Kate Gosselin Mocks Paparazzi on Jay Leno

Embattled Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin took to the Jay Leno Show Wednesday to poke fun at herself and mock the ever-hounding paparazzi. Honestly, we can’t decide if the whole bit is pathetically sad or amusingly entertaining.


In a skit featuring Jay Leno and his ‘JMZ’ crew, Kate Gosselin gives the mock camera paps a taste of her ‘mommy’ skills when they won’t leave her alone. (Nice nod to Gosselin-hounders TMZ.com there.) The fake paparazzi catch up with Kate Gosselin in a grocery store parking lot, where she unleashes the dreaded ‘mommy’ upon them in a “MILF meltdown.”

“Seriously, I’m exhausted. Leave me alone. Hey, what did mommy say? I asked you to stop taking pictures and you continued,” Gosselin tells the mock paps in her usual droll, slightly pissed off tone. Then she sentences the paparazzi to a “time out” with her “weird mom powers.”

Our favorite line: “Her hair looks like she fights crime in space.”

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