Kate Gosselin Twitter Talk With Jon Gosselin Ex Hailey Glassman

One can’t help but wonder exactly what Jon Gosselin ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman was thinking when she post a Tweet to the Kate Gosselin Twitter feed on Sunday asking for a recipe. Frankly, had I been Kate Gosselin, I think I would have had something not too polite to say in response to such audacity. The former Kate Plus 8 reality TV star, however, was just as sweet as pie when she Tweeted back.

“Hey @kateplysmy8 can you share the recipe for the Monkey Munch. It’s so yummy, my mom & I never seem to make it as tasty as you did,” Hailey Glassman posted on her Twitter feed Sunday.

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Jon Gosselin Dumped by Hailey Glassman – Sued by TLC

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Jon Gosselin is not having a good week. First comes news TLC is considering suing Gosselin for appearing on Larry King Live in violation of his contract. Next comes the rumor 23-year-old Hailey Glassman has finally dumped him!


The shit really started hitting the fan when TLC made the announcement that Jon &  Kate Plus 8 would be renamed as Kate Plus 8 and focus on Kate Gosselin’s role as a single mother of eight kids starting in November. Jon Gosselin responded by issuing legal threats to TLC and demanding all production on Jon & Kate Plus 8 be shut down immediately. Supposedly because he felt his kids were being treated badly by TLC, not because of that pesky loss of income.

“Jon is resolved not to allow the TLC corporate machine to devour his family and promote the monster’s best interests over those of his family,” Gosselin’s lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, said Thursday in a statement.

To vent his rage against the network he calls a “monster,” Jon Gosselin took his grievances to Larry King Live on Thursday night. However, Jon Gosselin is still under exclusive contract with TLC and did not have ‘permission’ to do the gig. So now TLC is considering suing his ass.

And if that isn’t enough drama in the Gosselins saga for one week, rumor has it Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend Hailey Glassman has dumped him! Gosselin hinted at the breakup on Larry King Live by saying Glassman would stand behind him “whether we’re together or not.” Glassman posted on her Twitter feed that “Its time 2 move on… No matter what I will always be there for Jon.Whether we are together or just friends,he will always have my family and my support.” Glassman’s rep told Access Hollywood the rumor is untrue and Gosselin and Glassman are still together. But frankly, we’re just not really buying it anymore.

Well, since Kate Gosselin is already in the works for a new talk show, if this spells the end of the TLC series, she’ll still be riding high – and milking her ‘struggle’ for every penny she can gleefully get. As for Jon Gosselin, he’s out a job and allegedly a girlfriend. Not all that surprising he is now trying to put the brakes on his divorce from Kate…

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‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ to Become Just ‘Kate Plus 8’

It’s finally official. Starting in November, the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be renamed and refocused as Kate Plus 8. TLC announced the change on Tuesday, saying the show will switch to focus on Kate Gosselin‘s role as a single mother to her 8 children.


Ratings for the TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8 have continued to drop since Jon and Kate Gosselin announced their impending divorce and started whining endlessly about each other in the press ad nauseum. More and more on the show, Jon Gosselin has rapidly vanished from the picture.

But despite rumors Jon & Kate Plus 8 would soon be facing cancellation, the network announced on Tuesday it would instead be retooling the show to draw in the ‘single mom’ audience. “It’s not a huge shift, but it’s reflective of where the show was already going,” TLC president Eileen O’Neill said in a press statement. O’Neill also dismissed rumors Kate Gosselin had posted a message on her Facebook page speculating the series would soon go off the air. As we guessed earlier, the message was a fake.

Jon Gosselin will reportedly still be appearing occasionally on the show, but it will be less often. Less often would be pretty much almost never considering how little he’s been on it recently anyway.