Crimes Against Fashion: Katie Holmes, Edition NO.

Katie Holmes popped out of Aladdin’s lamp the other night, escaping to the Independent Filmmaker Project’s annual in NYC. Katie can surprise with some whack outfits, including some unfortunate self-creations. Is this Jen Aniston meets “I Dream Of Jeanie” another one? No matter who made it, it’s classic K-bot.

Kate zips us back to the 70’s…in a shiny shiny jumpsuit that may be something Mimi Rogers left with Tommy-girl years ago. Those tent pants could hide a Suri clone or even a spare E-meter. And the goldwashed accessories just scream “original Charlie’s Angels meets Claire’s.” Ditto for the bag. Someone PLEASE distract Katie from foraging any further into fashion design and execution. She’s used to people telling her what to do, so a little effort should do the trick. Use the Scientology rundown if you have to. Stylist!