Kelly Osbourne Falls on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – Can She Still Win?

Poor Kelly Osbourne took a fall on Dancing With the Stars in Monday’s finals and she’s pretty convinced she isn’t going to win. We still have high hopes for our favorite dancing duo, Osbourne and partner Louis van Amstel, but they are facing some stiff competition for the top prize.

Kelly Osbourne on 'Dancing With the Stars'
Kelly Osbourne on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Kelly Osbourne took a minor tumble during her “I Will Survive” freestyle disco routine, landing between partner Louis van Amstel’s legs. But hey, at least she kept grinning like she was having a blast even after the spill!

Osbourne knows winning Dancing With the Stars may not be in the cards for her. “I definitely came into this competition raw,” she told Us magazine, “and I don’t think I’m gonna win.” Considering Mya and partner Dmitry Chaplin pulled a near-perfect score and Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson were close behind, we’re thinking Osbourne is probably right.

Amstel and Osbourne blamed the fall partially on slick body oil applied to the competitors before the group dance. “It was so slippery!” Amstel said, “I knew she was going to get taken down when we did the helicopter.”

Yeah, lubing yourself up with sparkly body oil before swinging around your partner like a money is probably not a good thing. Even if Osbourne and Amstel don’t take the big prize though, we applaud them both for a great season on DWTS!

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