Kelly Osbourne: Rehab 2.0

Sharon Osbourne doesn’t want to say where or why, but she confirmed that daughter Kelly Osbourne, 23, is back in rehab.

“Yeah, Kelly’s in rehab,” the matriarch of the Osbourne clan confirmed to Radar.

“What else can we say? She knew that it was the right thing to do at this point and we’re proud that she did it. The family is all standing behind her. Kelly knew that she needed help and she’s getting it.”

Sharon said Kelly will be in treatment for at least the next 30 days, and would only say the location was outside of the L.A. area.

On why Kelly’s back in the ‘hab, Sharon said only that “Kelly will tell you herself when she gets out. We just pray that everything’s going to be okay.”

Kelly had been working steadily with father Ozzy Osbourne and brother Jack on Fox TV’s new Osbournes Reloaded variety show before being shipped off. An emotional Sharon reiterated:

“This is one of the absolute worst things that a parent can face, for their child to go through rehab. And not once, but twice. However, we are all very glad Kelly’s doing it.”

Here’s hoping Kelly will actually STAY in rehab long enough to kick whatever she’s trying to kick. ALL of it. Being the daughter of the Prince Of Darkness is tough. Snarkfood wishes Kelly a successful recovery from her substance-abuse demons.