Kim Cattrall on Broadway

Twenty-five years. The age Kim Cattrall might want you to believe she is … and also the number of years Cattrall has spent away from the stage. Twenty-five years ago, she made her first and last appearance on Broadway in Michael Frayn’s “Wild Honey.” Since then Cattrall has more than made a name for herself via “Sex and the City” fame and now her name is back in lights.

She’s starring in Noel Coward’s “Private Lives” on London’s West End, resurrected from the 1930’s comedy. The play tells the story of Amanda (Cattrall) and Elyot (Paul Gross) who reunite five years after divorcing. As the story goes, the couple is on their honeymoons – with their respective new spouses – when they realize they’re still drawn to each other.

Director Richard Eyre has made a name for himself with “Mary Poppins,” and “Arcadia” among other stylish Broadway productions. We wonder if Cattrall will come full circle and find her way back to Broadway, or if she’ll continue on-screen roles.