Kirstie Alley Dancing with the Stars Weight Loss – Will It Stick?

Former bombshell babe Kirstie Alley has had her ups and downs over the years — quite literally. She’s been up and down the scale a dozen times, including losing 80 pounds with Weight Watchers, only to gain it all back again. Now, Alley reportedly had to have her first Dancing with the Stars costume taken in by 38 inches to wear it again on Tuesday night.

Kirstie Alley has definately been looking smaller every week on DWTS, but so far she’s keeping her mouth closed about exactly how much she’s lost. She did say it was “fun” to have to take so many inches out of her costume for the finale though.

“I wasn’t so hungry when I was dancing,” Alley told People. “That coupled with insane amounts of dancing, I’m sure I lost it faster… I had the energy the whole way through it and that was sort of astonishing.”

We can only hope Alley can find the strength to keep up with being healthier once the pressure of DWTS is off. So far she hasn’t had the greatest track record, but maybe she’ll decide to keep dancing the pounds off for good!

Kirstie Alley faces off against football star Hines Ward and actress Chelsea Kane for the Dancing with the Stars title tonight on ABC. Based on the final performances and the rest of the season, we don’t really think she’s going to come out on top — but you never know until the fat lady… well, we just won’t be finishing that sentence…