Leah Remini Wants Kirsie Alley Banned From Dancing With the Stars?

Leah Remini reportedly told Dancing With the Stars 2013 producers she doesn’t want former cast member Kirstie Alley sitting in the audience due to a feud over Remini’s departure from Scientology, according to a recent report by the National Enquirer.


Dorothy Cascerceri, host and executive producer of Celebrity Corner, thinks Leah is stepping way out of bounds, if the report is true.

“She doesn’t own Dancing With the Stars, so she can’t decide who does or does not attend or appear on tapings,” Dorothy says. “She and Kirstie should keep their Scientology out of the ballroom anyway—or better yet, maybe they should settle their differences with a dance off! Kirstie would definitely win.”

— Kelly Rouba, guest contributor

Dancing with the Stars Winner Hines Ward Was Worried About Kirstie Alley

Dancing with the Stars winner Hines Ward was worried about how he would stack up against Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerskovskiy because “everyone loves” Alley. Ward told reportes backstage after the Dancing with the Stars finale that when it came “down to voting, I didn’t know how I’d match up to Kirstie.”

Kym Johnson & Hines Ward on DWTS - ABC

Sadly for Kirstie Alley, who was very dissapointed by her loss, Hines Ward did indeed have enough votes to take home the top prize on Dancing with the Stars this season. Still, Alley feels she came out of her DWTS gig a winner anyway. “I don’t feel like I won what I wanted to win, but I feel like I won something. That’s a good way to put it,” Alley told Access Hollywood backstage. “Look — I’m competitive, I wanted to win. I know how hard we worked; I know what [Maks] had to begin with.”

As for her future plans, Kirstie Alley said she is done doing reality shows and hopes to return to her acting with new inspiration. She also said her partner, Maksim Chmerskovskiy deserves major props for taking the ‘oldest and heaviest’ contestant all the way to the finals.

Dancing with the Stars winner Hines Ward said he was truly motivated to win because he didn’t want to let his dancing partner, Kym Johnson, down. “I really wanted her to win her second mirror-ball trophy,” Hines said.

To future contestants, Ward said they should be “prepared to work your butt off” if they want to get to the DWTS finale. “You’re going to lose weight,” he said of the positive benefits, “but it’ll be very grueling on your feet.”

Kirstie Alley hits the floor on DWTS

Usually when couples mess up on Dancing with the Stars, it’s the stars who are to blame, but this week one of the professionals, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, fell while holding partner Kirstie Alley, and dropped her on the floor.

Maksim suffered a charley horse early on in the routine, and the pain in his leg caused him to collapse, taking Kirstie down with him.  The two did manage to recover, though, and after getting decent marks from the judges, Kirstie tweeted that she was honored to be Maksim’s partner, calling him a “gladiator” and a “champion.”  Well, we’ll see if he’s got enough gladiator in him to propel them to DWTS champions.

Tom Cruise And Scientology Sued AGAIN!

Snark Food reported on the $250 million dollar lawsuit against Tom Cruise and Scientology, filed in Florida in July. Peter Letterese, an ex-Scientologist sued using the RICO statute against the Church of Scientology. Fishbowl LA is reporting that he’s amended the suit and filed against Cruise and the “Church” on Oct. 24. He added ANOTHER $15 million to the total!

Letterese has leveled some very serious charges against Cruise and Scientology. He claims that both bribed and improperly influenced a federal judge, a Florida state judge and a federal bankruptcy trustee to tie up his original law suit in bankruptcy court. As shocking as these charges may sound, don’t forget that the Church of Scientology committed the largest infiltration of a government institution in the history of our country. It was the IRS. Quite a few of those folks got sent to the big house.

Nonetheless, attorneys for the Church are using their usual tactics: attempts to ruin someone financially, and veiled threats of bodily harm. This is standard operating procedure for the sci-bots.

L.A. thug private investigator Paul Barresi, who has worked for Cruise and MANY others in Hollywood, says:

“Letterese’s lawyers are really putting a lot on the line, potentially their careers, accusing federal and state judges of taking pay offs. Without compelling proof to support these scurrilous allegations, like video of the judges being handed envelopes stuffed with cash, I think Letterese stands a better chance of successfully bouncing down a flight of stairs on his head than he has of winning this law suit.”

Barresi obviously shouldn’t quit his day job for law school. You don’t need a VIDEO of a bribe to prove one, moron. But watch your back, Letterese. The sci-bots play dirty and dangerous. You know what you’re up against, and we want you to GO FOR IT! For those of you who DON’T know what he’s up against, we happily give you this:

The Unfunny Truth About Scientology

And just to show how COMPLETELY gone Tom Cruise is, we give you this. You’ll have to wiki for a Scientology glossary to completely understand all the acronyms, but SP is “suppressive person.” Unless you’re a sci-bot, you’re an SP! Welcome to the club!!

The Timeless Classic: “Tom Cruise’s Secret Scientology Video”. This video is EXACTLY as it is shown to the sci-bots, Mission Impossible music and all.

8 Minutes Of Crazy: L. Ron Hubbard Tells What Tom Cruise Believes

The website Gawker continues it’s tradition of Scientology expose’ today, treating us to L. Ron Hubbard HIMSELF explaining ALL about Xenu! Everything you wanted to know, straight from the crazy commodore’s mouth! Picture Tommy and John Travolta furiously taking notes while Jada pulls Will Smith’s ears! Gawker’s “The History Of Xenu, As Explained By L. Ron Hubbard”.