Is Jessica Simpson Really Pregnant?

The net is buzzing today about the possibility that Jessica Simpson may have finally trapped Tony Romo by getting pregnant. Jess has definitely put on a few in the past months, even her country bumpkin-wear didn’t hide that. The picture on the left is causing all kinds of speculation (click ’em to enlarge). The other two pics were taken just the other day on Sept. 2.

Whaddaya think? The pic on the left definitely looks suspicious, although Photoshop DOES exist in our world. More interesting to Snarkista is the pic on the right from the other day. Sitting down, from the side, Jess does look like she’s got some kinda bump going on. Maybe THAT’S why she’s been so gassy!

If Jess has managed to bag her a Cowboy, it should shut Carrie Underwood up for awhile. Wonder if Tony will call her with the news?