Wiz Khalifa Kush and Orange Juice Download Mixtape Out Now!

Rapper Wiz Khalifa announced Wednesday via Twitter that his Kush and Orange Juice mixtape download was ready for fans to enjoy at their leisure. The latest Wiz Khalifa mixtape includes 20 new tracks full of pot smoking and women-wooing.

Kush SF

We’re not quite sure why there are so many people slobbering over the new Kush and Orange Juice download. Twitter is flaming with Tweets about the new release! Maybe it’s just not our style. But there is no doubt the Pittsburg rapper has a legion of fans, so we guess we’re just lacking taste in this department or something.

Regardless, if you want to hook yourself up with the new Kush and Orange Juice download, you can get it here. Or head over to Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter feed for more download links.

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