Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Got Fried By Bernie Madoff

What’s that smell? Burnt Bacon. Kevin Bacon and his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, are among the many victims of sorry-ass, hedge fund manager turned ponzi scheme-master, Bernie Madoff. Kevin’s rep Allen Eichorn confirms that Kevin and Kyra’s money WAS made off with by Madoff. There have been rumors that they lost EVERYTHING except their checking account. Zoiks! Kevin hangs here in Nashville a lot, and is a very down-to-earth, sensible guy with actual talent.

Snarkista hopes Kevin was smarter than to put all of his eggs (and bacon) in one basket with slick Bernie. After all, he was smart enough not to make Footloose 2, right?! Eichorn responded to the rumors by saying “Please, let’s not speculate or rely on hearsay.” Wow. Not real reassuring. Let’s hope the lovely couple just lost some vaycay money, and not the whole shebang.