Tim Urban Survives American Idol Rolling Stones Week Much to Our Dismay

While we were not too sad to see who got eliminated this week on American Idol, we were dismayed to find out it was not Tim Urban who got the boot. We keep waiting and waiting, but he keeps going and going like a damned energizer bunny on speed.

Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Tim Urban on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Lacey Brown certainly couldn’t keep up with other ladies in the competition when put up against powerhouses like Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus, but we just have to wonder what America is thinking to allow Tim Urban to continue torturing us on the American Idol stage.

Yes, Tim Urban did make it to the bottom three during American Idol‘s Rolling Stones week, which he well deserved. But why did he get saved when it seems painfully obvious he’s overwhelmed in this competition and isn’t improving at all? Lacey Brown has had at least a few semi-decent performances, and so has Paige Miles, the other lady in the bottom three.

Urban, however, has failed to entertain us even once, much less impress us in the least. There was a good reason he was initially denied a place in the Top 24 and he should never have been brought back in to replace disqualified contestant Chris Golightly – a far superior candidate.

Then again, we have a sneaking suspicion why Tim Urban continues to get a pass every week on American Idol. We have witnessed the power of the jokers over at VotefortheWorst.com time and time again over the seasons of American Idol and right now the followers of the site are voting in block to keep Tim Urban in the competition. They are Tweeting and Facebooking and phoning a friend in a frenzy to keep Urban on stage. While American Idol producers generally laugh off the power of the site and its fans, we don’t. (Although we do think it’s cute they mentioned our review of his performance in a post this week.)


We feel kind of bad for Tim Urban that he’s been slapped with the “Vote for the Worst” label, but in his case we kind of have to agree he is the stinker of the competition this year. He seems nice enough and relatively cute, but his voice is amateur at best and he constantly looks like he’s in abject terror every time he performs. So do us a favor next week and save us from the VotefortheWorst.com crowd – please vote for anyone but Urban and our ears will thank you heartily!

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