Celebrities Mourn Alexander McQueen Death

The death of rebel designer Alexander McQueen on Thursday has prompted an outpouring of tributes from his celebrity admirers and clients. Hollywood stars from Lady Gaga to Janet Jackson have issued statements expressing their sadness over the 40-year-old designer’s premature death.

Alexander McQueen (Publicity photo)
Alexander McQueen (Publicity photo)

Lady Gaga took to the Net to express her tribute to Alexander McQueen posting a photo of herself and the designer on her Twitter feed. Lady Gaga premiered “Bad Romance” at a McQueen fashion show last fall. She also wore McQueen clothing in the music video for the song.

Janet Jackson also took to her Twitter feed to pay tribute to McQueen. “Today we lost a true genius, Alexander McQueen,” Jackson said. “He possessed a unique creativity that will never be recaptured. Alexander invited me to my very 1st fashion show… There will NEVER be another!”

Pop icon Madonna released a press statement saying McQueen was a “truly unique visionary in the world of fashion… What a tragedy.”

Other celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Ashton Kutcher and Project Runway star Christian Siriano also issued statements to the press regarding McQueen’s death. Siriano, who worked for McQueen at one time, said it was “an honor to work for him and watch him create and develop his craft over the years. I believe him to be one of the most talented artists of my lifetime.”

Sadly, the death of Alexander McQueen may spell the end for his signature fashion label as well. Without McQueen to represent his line, the Gucci Group may decide to abandon the brand, which has reportedly failed to rake in significant profits for its parent company.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of McQueen’s death. However, police reports indicate it is likely the fashion designer committed suicide.

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