Everyone going Gaga over the meat dress

Days after the MTV Video Music Awards, people are still talking about Lady Gaga’s meat dress.  And of course, that’s exactly why she wore it.  I’ve heard explanations ranging from “it’s a statement about the hypocrisy of meat-eating” to “it’s a statement about the world’s attitude toward women,” but really I think it’s just a statement about Lady Gaga’s desperate need for everyone to look at her.  She’d wear a disease-ridden raccoon around her neck if her publicist told her it would turn more heads.

I’m curious as to what happened to that meat after the VMAs were over – do you think she just hung the dress outside and waited for the vultures to come and devour it?  Actually, that’s mean, I shouldn’t talk about the paparazzi that way.  But it’ll be interesting to see what Gaga has to do next to get the cameras turned her way.  I’m hearing a lot of talk about how innovative she is – am I the only one who thinks these obvious ploys for attention are just a little pathetic?