Lady Gaga Sued for Allegedly Profiting Off Japan Earthquake Relief Bracelets

We hope there isn’t a bit of truth to this accussation, but we are sad to report that Lady Gaga is being sued over claims she profited off charity wristbands sold to help victims of the Japanese earthquake.


According to the Michigan legal network 100LAWFIRM, Lady Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) and the companies involved in the sale of the wristbands are accused of inflating the shipping charges for the them and profiting off the charity sales. The bracelets go for $5.00, but sales tax and a $3.99 shipping charge are tacked on to the purchase.

The lawsuit against Lady Gaga claims the singer and her partners overcharged for the shipping, added sales tax to a charity item when they should not have and pocketed cash from the sales that did not belong to them.

According to Lady Gaga’s website, all proceeds for sales of the “We Pray For Japan” wristbands “go directly to Japan relief efforts. Detroit area attorney Alyson Oliver believes some of the money has gone into Lady Gaga and her partners’ pockets instead. The lawsuit filed Saturday is seeking class-action status and refunds for those who bought the wristbands.

“The recent events here really affected me, not just because I have so many fans in Japan, but because it’s hard to watch a country struggle,” Lady Gaga told Us Weekly on Saturday while performing as part of the MTV Music Video Aid Japan Show in Chiba City. “But I can’t let myself cry — I have to be strong because [everyone in Japan] has been so strong. No one gave up for a second.”

“While we commend Lady Gaga for her philanthropic efforts, we want to ensure that claims that ‘all proceeds will be donated to Japan’s earthquake’ are in fact true,” said Oliver, an attorney for 1800LAWFIRM.

“Our intention via this lawsuit is to uncover any improprieties committed by Lady Gaga and appropriate the full donations assumed to the victims in Japan.”

Bruce Springsteen Band Mate Clarence Clemons Suffers Stroke

Clarence Clemons, longtime saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen‘s E Street Band, has suffered a “massive” stroke, according to the band’s most respected fan site, Clarence Clemons reportedly fell ill at his home in Florida on Sunday.

Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen

The news of Clemons’ illness was first reported by The site broke the news that Bruce Springsteen’s saxophonist had suffered a stroke at home and had been taken to the hospital.

Clemons has reportedly undergone two brain surgeries but is “responsive and in stable condition,” according to “He was paralyzed on his left side, but now he’s squeezing with his left hand,” an unidentified friend said, according to the site. “The next five days will still be critical. But he’s a fighter.”

An original member of the E Street Band, Clarence Clemons is also the oldest member at 69. Fans of American Idol were lucky enough to hear Clemons in action when he played with Lady Gaga during the season finale. Clemons also appears on Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way.

Lady Gaga sent out a plea on her Twitter feed Monday morning saying: “my very close friend + musician on The Edge of Glory, Clarence Clemons is very sick. Can we all make some get well videos?”

Clemons’ nephew Jake, also a saxophonist, posted a message on his Facebook page telling friends and fans: “Please do not lose hope!”

Lady Gaga Crowned New Queen of Twitter

Move over Britney Spears, Lady Gaga has now officially been crowned the new Queen of Twitter. Over the weekend, Lady Gaga’s fans finally surprassed Spears to take the title of the  person with the most followers on Twitter.

Lady Gaga - Queen of Twitter (YouTube)
Lady Gaga - Queen of Twitter (YouTube)

As of now, Lady Gaga has 5,745,512 followers on Twitter compared to Britney Spears‘ 5,710,373. In a video message to her fans, new Queen of Twitter Lady Gaga thanked them for the honor.

The Lady Gaga YouTube video features the eccelectic star in a Twitter-themed outfit backstage at the Monster Ball in Tacoma. “Hello world, this is Lady Gaga, Queen of Twitter,” the singer says in the video. “I would like to thank all my beautiful little monsters for following me.”

Well, you’re quite welcome Lady Gaga!

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More Lady GaGa Concerts Cancelled Due to Exhaustion

Lady Gaga cancelled more concerts over the weekend after collapsing from “exhaustion and dehydration” last week in West Lafayette, IN. A statement on her official website claims Lady Gaga has been ordered to rest by her doctors.

Lady Gaga performing "Paparazzi" on the Fame Ball tour. (Photo by: Stephen Carlile, source: Wikimedia Commons)
Lady Gaga performing "Paparazzi" on the Fame Ball tour. (Photo by: Stephen Carlile, source: Wikimedia Commons)

Lady Gaga collapsed and passed out shortly before a show in West Lafayette, IN last week. She reportedly experienced shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat while waiting to go onstage. “I’ve been crying for hours, I feel like I let my fans down 2nite,” Lady Gaga posted on her Twitter feed following the incident. “An hour before the show, I was feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing.” she said.

Although Lady Gaga (real name: Stefani Germanotta) managed to find enough energy make a live appearance on Oprah the next day, she cancelled several more concerts over the weekend. “Her physician has advised her to take a few days off to rest,” a statement on her website reads.

Lady Gaga cancelled concerts in Atlantic City on Saturday, in Wallingford, Connecticut on Sunday and delayed a concert Monday in Uncasville, Connecticut. Gaga had also been scheduled to host a gay rights charity gala on Saturday in Atlantic City, but cancelled that gig as well.

“I hope you can forgive me,” Lady Gaga posted on her Twitter account after the first show cancellation. “I love my little monsters more than anything, you are everything to me.”

The Purdue University concert has been rescheduled for Jan. 26. The rest of the missed dates for Gaga’s Monster Ball tour are expected to be rescheduled soon.

We hope she gets well soon – and bloody well doesn’t cancel the concert we’re going to!

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