Lee Anthony’s Deposition Today Was Kinda Freaky

Murder suspect Casey Anthony’s brother Lee Anthony gave a video deposition today in the Zenaida Gonzales defamation case against Casey. Zenaida is trying to get her good name back…after Casey said her (imaginary) nanny was named Zenaida Gonzales, Zenaida got death threats, lost work, and basically had her world turned upside down.

Lee’s deposition was at times very strange, both with his responses and his body language. He laughed several times, acting more like he was hanging out with his buds instead of being in a very serious questioning session.

Under oath, Lee Anthony said that, to this day, he believes everything his sister tells him. Two weeks before the family reported Caylee missing, Lee Anthony said he started looking for Caylee himself. He said he caught his sister lying about being in Jacksonville.

Part 1: Link to the rest of the deposition at the end of this post.

In the deposition, Lee Anthony also admitted he’d never heard Gonzalez’s name before his sister’s arrest in July. Still, based on how his sister described the baby sitter, he was able to say that to his knowledge the woman that his sister described as the person who took Caylee was not the Zenaida Gonzalez who had filed the defamation lawsuit.

Attorneys asked Lee Anthony if he thought his sister was leading him on a false chase.

“After all the stories and inconsistencies, did you ever start to doubt Casey or think that she was leading you on a ‘wild goose hunt’ yourself?”

“No,” Lee Anthony said. “Um, you know, I don’t believe that I’ve been on a wild goose hunt. I believe that there’s probably more information that I could be given, whether it’s been withheld from me on purpose or she just doesn’t know to share it or what’s relevant to share or that someone else hasn’t shared something with me. But I do believe that there’s truth to a lot of what I’ve been told.”

When asked about the VERY strange “C.M.A.” speech at Caylee’s funeral, Lee said there are three women in his family with those initials: his mom, his sister and Caylee. Anyone who has seen this footage can’t help but feel creepy. It’s clearly directed at Casey, and it makes those “incest” rumors seem actually plausible.

Watch the rest of Lee Anthony’s deposition here.

Casey Anthony’s Brother Lee Anthony Lawyers Up

There has been a lot of speculation about indicted Casey Anthony’s brother Lee Anthony, ranging from the plausible (obstruction of justice) to the bizarre (incest). Lee’s been pretty quiet for a while, and has been laying low for the past several months. It seems, however, that the heat is on for brother Lee, and he’s hired himself a lawyer too. Now, parents George and Cindy, Lee as well as Casey Anthony are all legally covering their collective asses. None of the Anthonys have been cooperative and truthful with investigators from start to finish in the Caylee/Casey Anthony investigation.

Lee has hired attorney Thomas Luka, who says that while the Florida State Attorney’s Office has not filed any charges against his client, it could still happen.

“It’s possible criminal charges could be filed if the state feels that Lee Anthony mislead law enforcement officials or tampered with evidence in any way.”

While Luka maintains Lee has fully cooperated with authorities, hiring an attorney was the right move because Lee and his parents are also considered witnesses in the case against Casey.

Luka said, so far, the state has not subpoenaed his client to testify. However, if that happens, Luka said he’ll make sure Lee gets full immunity from any possible charges he might face. There has been speculation that Lee is the father of murdered little Caylee Anthony. Authorities say they know who Caylee’s father is, but have not released the information to the public. It could possibly come out during Casey Anthony’s murder trial.

Caylee’s body was found very near the Anthony home, but before it was positively identified, Cindy and George asked for a full immunity deal. Why would the Anthony’s want an immunity deal now? Attorney Brad Conway confirmed that grandparents of Caylee Anthony knowingly provided “conflicting statements” to police in the past. Will both Cindy and George Anthony be charged with obstruction of justice charges as well? The plot thickens.

Casey Anthony: Authorities Release Hundreds MORE Pages Of Discovery

* UPDATE: Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years Minus Time Served: Jurors Felt Sick Over Verdict

Casey Anthony draped in an American Flag at a “No Clothes” party

Orange County Investigators released hundreds MORE documents and media on Friday related to the Casey Anthony case. Casey is the mother of missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony, and is the only person of interest in her disappearance. Among the items released Friday were DVD’s, CD’s and pages and pages of evidence. The information included a taped interview with mom Cindy Anthony, audio interviews with dad George Anthony and many others, photographs, text message and instant messages.

The DVD includes a conversation with Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s grandmother, had with investigators on July 31st. Caylee had been reported missing 16 days earlier and Casey was still in jail. Cindy talked with detectives about who she thought was involved in her granddaughter’s disappearance. Here’s a link to the first part of Cindy’s video interview with authorities, and here is the second part of the video interview.

Interviews with many of Casey’s boyfriends, friends and casual acquaintances are here as well. There are salacious Instant Messages between Casey and one “boyfriend”, Anthony Rusciano, whose IM name was nyitaliano3. They detail not only Casey’s desire to party instead of take care of Caylee, but also give a picture of how Casey just led people on and lied to them time after time. The interviews with Anthony and many others are broken down by person, and can be read here. The videos can also be seen at this link. More of Casey’s text messages can be seen here.

The interview with Simon Burch, supervisor of the tow-lot that towed in the car which Casey abandoned, is very telling. He discusses in detail what happened when parents George and Cindy Anthony came to pick up the car, and the overwhelming odor it had. It was the odor of death that has also been spoken of by Cindy and Casey’s brother Lee. It’s difficult to wade through the hundreds and hundreds of documents released by the authorities, so this is an easier way to read and watch some of the pertinent evidence the investigators have.

Party girl, pathological liar, text addict. The picture of who Casey Anthony really is becomes clearer as one reads through these interviews. Casey’s relationships are, for the most part, quite superficial. She always seems to have at least one guy that she’s using, and has another one lined up to come after him.

Casey’s been in and out of jail 3 times now, and has been charged with economic crimes due to passing checks stolen from her friend Amy. She’s looking at around 70 years in jail for these crimes, if convicted. Snarkista hopes that officials can get to the bottom of what happened to little Caylee, and if Casey’s guilty- as it seems she may be, is finally charged with murder.

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Authorities Release New Audio Interviews In Casey Anthony Case

* UPDATE: Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years Minus Time Served: Jurors Felt Sick Over Verdict

Orange County Florida Detectives have just released audio interviews today in relation to the Casey Anthony case. Casey is the only person of interest in the disappearance of her 3 year old daughter Caylee Anthony. It has been 71 days since Caylee Anthony was reported missing. Detectives believe that sadly, she’s dead. Authorities released hundreds of pages of transcripts on Tuesday, viewable here. These newly released audio interviews are part of the documentation detailed in those transcripts. They are interviews with three of the men closest to Casey…her lover, her brother, and her ex-fiance. 

Casey Anthony High-Fives After Leaving Jail For The Third Time

Casey Anthony High-Fives After Third Release From Jail

Some highlights include Casey’s brother Lee Anthony telling investigators he didn’t believe Casey when she said the terrible smell in her trunk came from two dead squirrels under the hood. Lee told investigators his first indication that something was terribly wrong was noticing the horrible smell wafting from Casey’s car trunk.

“The trunk was open. The windows were rolled down to what I assume ventilate the horrible smell that I had just, just, uh, smelled for the first time,” he said. “It was, it was, it hit you like a, a wave. I mean it was, it was, whatever it was it was very potent.” Lee also tells investigators that ALL of Casey’s email prior to July 15th (when Casey’s mom dragged her ass home) has been deleted. Everything.

Casey’s ex-fiance Jesse Grund feels Casey would have put Caylee’s body under her playhouse.

“If she wanted to place Caylee’s body somewhere that would be the first place that she would have put her.” Grund went on to tell investigators that Casey was a liar. “We can all tell, for the last couple of years, is that Casey is an effective liar. I would describe it as diabolical the way she lies.”

Video: More Audio Interviews Released By Authorities In Casey Anthony Case: “Confronting Casey”

Audio Of Interview With Tony Lazarro, Casey Anthony’s Boyfriend At The Time Caylee Went Missing July 29

Audio Of Interview With Casey Anthony’s Brother Lee Anthony July 29

Audio Of Interview With Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiance Jesse Grund July 23

Audio Of Second Interview With Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiance Jesse Grund July 31

Authorities previously released audio interrogations conducted with Casey herself. Casey seems to truly be an emotionless sociopath, and is caught in lie after pathological lie on tape. Casey shows little emotion about being caught in her lies. She has since stonewalled authorities, despite having been in and out of jail three times since Caylee’s disappearance. Casey has been charged with child neglect, lying to authorities, and many counts of economic fraud from stealing checks and using them. She is facing an estimated 70 years in jail for these crimes, but it would be unlikely that she served near that amount of time.

The huge amount of written transcripts show Casey’s texting addiction, with over 500 text messages Casey sent to her friends after Caylee was missing. Casey is wanting them to party with her, and there are only two brief mentions of little Caylee. Casey’s world was sex, drinking, drugs, and rock-n- roll.
You can hear the audio of those interrogations here.

Party Girl Casey Anthony
Party-Girl Casey Anthony