Idol Highlights: Crystal Bowersox Midnight Train to Georgia

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Crystal Bowersox is our girl on American Idol and her performance of “Midnight Train to Georgia” last night just drove that point home yet again. This girl can sing it!

Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol' (FOX)

We will admit, Crystal Bowersox’s “Midnight Train to Georgia” performance wasn’t the best she’s had in our opinion. On the other hand, even less than her best is still way above what most of the contestants are putting out. We actually quite loved this song from Bowersox, we just prefer her singing that more indie chick-music kind of stuff.

As for the rest of the contestants last night, it seems like guest mentor Usher was a good influence for the most part. Across the board, the performances were generally a step up from last week.

We were dissapointed with Siobhan Magnus this week as her performance of “Through The Fire” was weak and the song really didn’t suit her well. On the other side of the stage, Michael Lynche made us sweet on him all over again with “Ready For Love” – one of our very favorites of the evening.

Lee Dewyze surprised us with quite a fabulous little rockin’ performance of “Treat Her Like a Lady” – we really didn’t know he had it in him. Casey James was actually decent, but we’re so over him. Aaron Kelly didn’t make us want to strangle him, which we guess is somewhat of an improvement.

Sadly, Didi Benami picked a terrible song and sounded awful and horridly outdated with “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.” Andrew Garcia bored us, again. As did Katie Stevens.

And, oh yeah, Tim Urban sucked.

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