December 29, 2009

Bristol Palin Wants Sole Custody of Son with Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin, daughter of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, wants sole custody of her son with ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston. Bristol Palin filed for sole custody of Tripp in November, but the case was originally registered using pseudonyms to prevent the “onslaught of media” certain to latch onto the case.

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October 6, 2009

We Don’t Want Levi Johnston’s Nuts

Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin‘s grandson Tripp, is cashing in on his questionable fame by starring in a new commercial for Wonderful pistachios. What we can’t get is why anyone would think this is a good idea. 19-year-old Levi Johnston landed in the media spotlight for knocking up Bristol Palin, daughter of former […]

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April 3, 2009

Levi Johnston To Dish With Tyra About Bristol Palin

Guess Levi Johnston’s figured out that the way to keep living the good life, without being saddled with Bristol Palin and his kid, is to take it on the road! Levi’s gonna bring his mom and his sister to tell it all to Ty-Ty Banks Monday, April 6th. He’s going to yap about being thrust […]

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