Levi Johnston Reality Show: Does He Get Any More Pathetic?

Levi Johnston
Levi Johnston

Levi Johnston is apparently on a quest to get fame any way he can, no matter how embarrassing the vehicle. The infamous young man who knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol has already tried numerous ways to keep his 15 minutes of fame going. Including, of course, that ridiculous Playgirl photo spread and that disgusting pistachio nut commercial.

Now Levi Johnston will reportedly be starring in a new reality show featuring him trying to become mayor of his hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office, in production by Stone and Co., will document the unwed father’s attempt to run for political office and pathetic quest to be famous in his own right.

“[Levi Johnston] will give us a real inside look into who he is as a father, a skilled hunter, an avid dirt biker and his journey down the road of small-town politics… right after he gets his high school diploma,” Stone and Co. said about the show.

Of course, Levi Johnston doesn’t even have that high school diploma yet and has absolutely no political experience at all. Apparently, banging the daughter of an almost vice-president is enough of a resume for Johnston.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin announced they had gotten back together and were engaged last month. Palin, however, allegedly called the whole thing off after seeing Johnston in a video mocking her family. We just wish Levi would give it up already. Some people are just not meant to be stars, especially people who get famous in the first place just for having unprotected sex.

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