Levi Johnston To Dish With Tyra About Bristol Palin

Guess Levi Johnston’s figured out that the way to levi-johnston-and-babykeep living the good life, without being saddled with Bristol Palin and his kid, is to take it on the road!

Levi’s gonna bring his mom and his sister to tell it all to Ty-Ty Banks Monday, April 6th. He’s going to yap about being thrust into the national spotlight when Sarah Palin joined the presidential race, why he and Bristol Palin got knocked up and other “intimate details.”

Rumors have it that Bristol decided to nix their wedding, and put Levi out. No confirmation that the Palins thought the Johnstons were rednecks, but the buzz is out there. Is it ON? The Tyra Show has a clip of the upcoming episode…