Courthouse Fire Delays Lil Wayne Sentencing Again

Lil Wayne has managed to delay his trip to jail on criminal weapon possession charges once again. A fire at the courthouse where Lil Wayne was set to be officially sentenced on Tuesday has given the rapper at least one more day of freedom to ponder his upcoming year in prison.

Lil Wayne (Photo: Ryan Dombal - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Lil Wayne (Photo: Ryan Dombal - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Hundreds were reportedly evacuated from the New York courthouse where Wayne was to appear Tuesday morning for sentencing. According to, a fire in the basement filled the courthouse with smoke and resulted in injuries to five firefighters and three others, including a prisoner. New York fire crews battled the blaze for over an hour. The fire may have been due to construction at the courthouse, but an official cause has not yet been determined. Lil Wayne was not yet present at the courthouse at the time.

Lil Wayne previously received a sentencing delay to undergo emergency dental surgery. Wayne was granted a week to recover after having eight root canals. Probably wise to get that done before heading off to Riker’s Island. We certainly wouldn’t want to put our mouth in the hands of a prison dentist.

We just wonder how many times Lil Wayne is going to have to say goodbye to his fans. First there was the video farewell before the dental delay. Then on Monday, Wayne Tweeted another goodbye to his fans, saying: “Yesterday i smiled, today i smirked, tomorrow i stop … Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they’re needed. The F is for family, friends, and fans……….thank u………..your love and prayers are felt. They kant lok up my heart bekuz y’all already have it on lok. ……thank u.”

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