Lilly Allen is a Mom

It’s been a whirlwind of pregnancy announcements, pre-natal preparations and now, a baby for 26-year-old Lilly Allen, although her camp has yet to make an official announcement. She’s reportedly given birth to a baby girl, five months after announcing her pregnancy. This is her first child with husband Sam Cooper.

We’re sure both parents are happy, especially because Lilly’s struggled with miscarriages in the past. Her first came in January 2008 when she was four months pregnant and in a relationship with musician Ed Simons. The singer had another miscarriage in November 2010 while six months into her pregnancy. She was rushed to hospital with a suspected viral infection.

Although neither Sam nor Lilly have officially commented on the birth yet, Lilly did tweet “Totes Amaze” from her account. … Well wishes aside, we’re not sure someone who abbreviates words as such is quite ready to raise a kid of their own. But whatevs.