Lily Allen Quits Twitter for Boyfriend Sam Cooper?

Singer Lily Allen has reportedly decided to dump Twitter for good, allegedly for the same reason Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account – her boyfriend. Rumor has it Allen’s boyfriend Sam Cooper had enough of her Twitter postings and allegedly told her to choose between her Tweets and his affection.


Sound familiar? Miley Cyrus recently shocked fans by vanishing from Twitter, allegedly because her rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth didn’t want her to keep using the social networking service.

Lily Allen followed in Cryus’ footsteps this week by ceasing to post on her own Twitter account – although she did not take Cyrus’ radical move yet to entirely delete it. Allen’s last post was on September 28th, saying “I am a neo-luddite, goodbye.” Neo-luddism is a philosophical term for those who believe the continued advance of technology is not necessarily beneficial to the human race.

Not only has she broken up with Twitter, Lily Allen has also reportedly dumped her MySpace account and even her email! Supposedly, the singer has gone so far as to give away her computer, Macbook and BlackBerry to avoid temptation. Allen currently has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter and over 421,000 MySpace fans.

We’re not sure if the rumor Allen gave up Twitter for her boyfriend is true, regardless of what Perez and others say. Allen was obviously getting a bit sick of the whole Internet mob mentality. Only a few weeks ago, she shut down her blog because she said “the abuse was getting too much.”

Regardless, it’s interesting to watch celebrities suddenly realizing that having every bit of your life instantly accessible to your fans is not always a good thing for you or your relationships. More ‘normal’ people could learn from that lesson.

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