Lily Allen back in the hospital

Things are really not going very well for songstress Lily Allen.  Just a few days after tragically losing her baby in a late-stage miscarriage, Allen is now back in the hospital being treated for septicemia, a potentially life-threatening blood infection.  She is currently being given antibiotics in order to try to get rid of the bacteria.

Septicemia happens sometimes after a miscarriage of if there is any leftover tissue in the womb that becomes infected.  Luckily Allen was taken to the hospital quickly, and apparently her prognosis is good.  She should be home within a week or two, and then sadly she’ll be left to pick up where she left off with her grieving process.

Lily Allen loses her baby

Tragedy has befallen singer Lily Allen and her partner Sam Cooper.  Allen, who was six months pregnant with Cooper’s baby, suffered a miscarriage over the weekend and is still in the hospital for observation. This is especially sad news for Allen, as she had already had one miscarriage in 2008, and since she was so far along in this pregnancy, she was highly optimistic about carrying the baby to term.

The couple are obviously deeply saddened by the loss, and the publicist who made the announcement simply said that they were asking for privacy from the press so that they could come to terms with the loss without being hounded by reporters.  Lily has always seemed like a really sweet and genuine girl, and it’s very sad to hear about this happening to her again.