Weird News: 11 Year Old Gives Birth to Baby Boy

An 11 year old pregnant girl in the Northeastern U.S. gave birth to a baby boy this week. No, this is not celebrity related ridiculousness, but the whole thing just freaks us out. The name of the mother and baby have not been released to protect their privacy.

(File photo, Canwest News Service)
(File photo, Canwest News Service)

“My daughter and (her) baby are fine, and the baby is absolutely beautiful,” the baby’s grandmother said in a press statement. No information has been released regarding how the child became pregnant in the first place, but we’re dearly hoping someone is investigating how an 11 year old girl turned up pregnant.

As weird and disturbing as this story is, however, the unidentified girl isn’t the youngest child to ever give birth. That disturbin record actually belongs to Lina Medina from Lima, Peru, who gave birth to a baby when she was just 6 years old. And earlier this week, a 9 year old girl from China gave birth to a baby boy via c-section.

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