Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Leaving Accident, Denies Hitting Pedestrian

Actress Lindsay Lohan arrested again? Yes, it may be unbelievable, but actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested again early this morning after she allegedly hit a pedestrian and left the scene of the accident.

According to police reports, the Lindsay Lohan arrest happened early Wednesday morning in downtown New York City. Lindsay Lohan allegedly clipped a pedestrian with her car as she was arriving at a nightclub at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan. The victim reportedly called 911 and was transported to the hospital for an alleged knee injury.

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Lindsay Lohan Arrest Warrant Issued for Possible Drinking Violation

An arrest warrant has been issued for actress Lindsay Lohan after her alcohol monitoring anklet indicated she may have violated court orders by drinking. Lohan has denied her SCRAM bracelet was activated and has not consumed alcohol.

Lindsay Lohan mug shot (LAPD)

A bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan was issued following reports her court-ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet went off during an MTV Movie Awards after party. Lohan was ordered to wear the SCRAM bracelet after missing several probation hearings stemming from earlier DUI arrests.

A slew of celebrity gossip sites, including us, reported Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet reportedly went off while she was attending singer Katy Perry‘s MTV Movie Awards after party. Lohan has denied the SCRAM bracelet went off and says she has not been drinking.

“My scram wasn’t set off-Its physically impossible considering I’ve nothing for it to go off-All of these false reports are absolutely wrong,” Lohan posted on her Twitter feed. “This is all because of a FALSE accusation by tabloids & paparazzi & it is f**king disgusting- I’ve been more than I’m compliance [sic] & feeling great.”

If the device is set off, it alerts a monitoring company, who then reports the violation to the Los Angeles Probation Department and the Beverly Hills Superior Court judge in Lohan’s case. Judge Marsha Revel will now have to find out whether the SCRAM bracelet did indeed detect alcohol in Lohan’s system and how to punish her for violating court orders if it did.

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Lindsay Lohan Accused of Stealing $35,000 Rolex Watch

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been named as a suspect in the theft of a $35,000 Rolex watch. The watch allegedly belongs to one of Lohan’s acquaintances, who claims they left it at the actress’s home and never got it back. Police reportedly questioned Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday at her home about the missing watch, according to An unidentified ‘source’ allegedly claims police have “photographic evidence” linking Lohan to the missing watch.

Lindsay Lohan mug shot (Source: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department)
Lindsay Lohan mug shot (Source: LAPD)

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, however, says she has nothing to do with any theft. “The allegations are completely untrue,” Shawn Chapman Holley said in a press statement. No arrests or official charges have been made so far in regard to the alleged theft.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay Lohan has been linked to mysteriously disappearing high-priced items. Last year, Lohan was questioned by Scotland Yard after $400,000 of jewelry vanished following an Elle magazine photo shoot in London. The missing diamond necklace and earrings were never found and the case remains unsolved.

Lohan was also accused in 2008 of stealing a mink coat from Columbia University co-ed Maria Markova at a nightclub. Markova claimed her $11,000 fur coat went missing from the 10ak nightclub during a private party and she later spotted the actress wearing what seemed to be her jacket. The coat was later returned without explanation and the case against Lohan settled for an undisclosed amount.

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