Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s above the law… again

Life is just a never-ending stream of court cases for Lindsay Lohan, and she never seems to think that anything bad will ever happen to her.  In the latest drama, the fight with the Betty Ford nurse back in December has come back to haunt Lindsay, and she’s being charged with assault for the incident.

Lindsay, however, thinks the charges will be dropped, as several of her friends witnessed the event in question, and she’s confident they will all report that Lindsay never assaulted anyone.  Meanwhile, Necklacegate rages on, and Lindsay has refused the plea agreement – the case is going to trial, which means Lindsay could face real prison time if convicted.

Dawn Holland tells police to back off

Dawn Holland, the woman who lost her job at the Betty Ford Center after the altercation with Lindsay Lohan in which Holland says she was the victim and Lohan says Holland was the attacker, has gone to bat for Lindsay in a surprising turn of events.

Holland said that she thinks the Palm Desert Police should have better things to do than persecute a young woman in recovery, and that jail is no place for a recovering addict to be.  Holland went on to say that she wishes they would just drop the whole thing, and that she’s suspicious of the police’s motives.  Personally, I’m suspicious of Holland’s motives – why on earth is she so eager for them to drop this if she really believes she’s the victim?