Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Patridge Robbed by Same Perps?

In a weird twist of fate, it appears Lindsay Lohan and The Hills star Audrina Patridge may have been robbed by the same perpetrators.
Three young burglars apparently broke into Lindsay Lohan’s home in Hollywood on Sunday. Oddly enough, they didn’t steal much of monetary value. According to a tweet from Lohan, the burglars only took “things that a certain old friend new meant a lot to me.” The burglars apparently entered through an unlocked door.


Of course, no self-respecting starlet is without video surveillance cameras, so the thieves were caught on tape. Which is where the strange part comes in. The Hills star Audrina Patridge also had her Los Angeles digs robbed earlier this year. And the burglars were caught on tape.

 Interestingly, camera footage of the two incidents reveal at least one of the burglars appears to have been at both break-ins. Audrina’s home was also broken in to via an unlocked door.

Here’s a video of the Lindsay Lohan robbery. The suspect that appears to have been at both crime scenes it the guy in the ball cap. If you think you might have a clue who the perps might be, give a shout out to the LAPD.

Oh, and if you happen to be a celebrity in Hollywood – lock your friggin’ doors!