Necklace in Lindsay’s court case to be auctioned

Lindsay Lohan has never stopped saying that she thinks the jewelry store in her grand theft case has been manufacturing accusations in order to gain attention for their business, and it’s starting to look like she’s right about that.  Last week, the store in question started working with a broker to sell the surveillance tape that’s going to be used in the court case.

The tape shows Lindsay wearing the necklace around the store.  Now, the store has decided to sell the necklace on eBay, even though it’s currently being held as evidence in the case and cannot be sold yet.  Lindsay’s been saying it all along: these people are motivated by nothing but money.

Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty, faces second legal problem

Lindsay Lohan is pleading not guilty to charges of felony grand theft, after she told friends that she didn’t see any reason to plead any other way, since she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong.  The charge stems from a $2,500 necklace that Lindsay says the jewelry store loaned her.  The owner of the store says Lindsay never had permission to take it.

As if that weren’t enough, Lindsay faces a second court fight against a woman named Lorit Simon, who has filed suit against Lindsay for allegedly skipping out on a $41,000 bill that was owed for tanning services.  Who on earth pays $41,000 for tanning?  Well, not Lindsay, apparently.