Lindsay Lohan Is Living On Credit And Sam


Lindsay Lohan was serious the other day when she said that “being unemployed is scary.” She’s reportedly blowing up her credit cards AND Samantha Ronson’s dough. The NY Daily News reveals:

According to friends of the two, Lindsay’s overspending is out of control, and it’s putting additional strain on the ladies’ already volatile relationship.

“Lindsay is spending like crazy!” a friend of the actress tells us. “She’s living on credit right now. She has no cash. The problem is, the money being spent is mostly Sam’s because Lindsay doesn’t really have any of her own at the moment; she’s really taken on the ‘man’ role in their romance. Sam really thinks Lindsay needs to learn how to become a recessionista and manage her money better.”

A second pal agrees. “Lindsay’s money situation has never been great, but it’s only gotten worse over the last month. For every dollar she makes, she spends double. Her personal appearance fees are literally the only thing keeping her afloat. But here’s the rub: Because of her explosive relationship with Sam, she’s unable to get the type of cash she’s used to. The negative press and constant appearance cancellations are hurting her pocketbook.”

Guess the “leggings biz” isn’t going so great for Li-Lo either.

Fuggers In Hollywood Snap Up Lindsay Lohan’s Heinous Leggings

Further confirmation that most of Hollywood has absolutely NO taste (see Pamela Anderson in her tiger panties), Lindsay Lohan’s horrid line of leggings is actually being purchased by lemmings in Tinseltown. Signs of the Apocalypse!

The top seller? Lindsay’s leggings with kneepads. Snarkista will not expound on the envisioned uses for these, but they look like they’re designed for the gal who does a lot of kneeling. ‘Nuf said.

Leggings have always been tip-top of Snarkista’s loathe list…they are frightfully cameltoe-inducing, and, no matter what anyone says, THEY ARE NOT PANTS! Forget telling that to LiLo though, she wears the sausage casings 24/7. Her vajayjay is SCREAMING for air. Free the ladyparts, America! Save yourself a trip to the drugstore!