Lindsay Lohan Claims Exhaustion After Paramedics Called To Hotel

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is in the headlines again after paramedics were called to her hotel to attend to the actress. Initial rumors circulated that Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious and unresponsive, but her rep has since denied any such claim, saying the actress was just sleeping.

Lindsay Lohan is currently filming the TV movie Liz and Dick in Los Angeles. Lohan had reportedly been filming nearly non-stop for 2 days with little or no sleep. The actress allegedly was not feeling well from lack of rest and retreated to her hotel room nearby at the Ritz Carlton on Thursday.

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Lindsay Lohan gets a couple of sober friends

Lindsay Lohan is finally making a few smart decisions in her life about friends and role models – she currently has at least one sober friend, and a new sober roommate.  Tom Hardy, one of the stars of Inception, has been sober for nearly eight years, and was introduced to LiLo recently in the hopes that she would listen to someone who has been where she is now, tempted to fall back into the same old patterns.

As for the roommate, Lindsay is currently living with a girl she met at Betty Ford, one who apparently can’t afford to pay rent – Lindsay is letting her live there for free.  The girl may be a freeloader, but at least she’s sober, so it’s a step in the right direction.

Lindsay Lohan back on the streets today

Hide your vodka bottles and stay off the sidewalks – Lindsay Lohan is being let out of rehab today!  She’s been saying all kinds of cute philosophical crap on Twitter, quoting Gandhi and talking about how it’s the first day of the rest of her life, but given that we’ve been through all this before and it’s never stuck for more than a week or two, I’ll remain cautiously skeptical until we see how she handles being out in the real world.

All kinds of recovery experts have been echoing the same thing over and over: Lindsay needs to ditch her drinking buddies and other enablers if she wants to have any hope at all of recovery.  We’ll see if she manages to figure that out this time.

FBI gets involved with the Lohan family

Is there no limit to the drama these people are a part of?  Lindsay Lohan‘s family is working with the FBI regarding some harassment in the form of threatening text messages, phone calls, and e-mails that they’ve been receiving from someone they believe to be Britney Spears‘ friend, Sam Lutfi.

Officials at the Betty Ford Center, where Lindsay is currently in rehab, are taking the threats so seriously that they’ve moved LiLo to a more secure location where they can keep her safe more easily.  Lindsay’s mother, Dina, has handed over the threatening messages to the FBI.  Apparently the messages state that the sender is aware of Lindsay’s whereabouts and is watching her.  The FBI say that they are looking into the matter.

Lindsay Lohan on a rehab intermission shopping trip

I’m not sure exactly how this was allowed to happen, but it seems that Lindsay Lohan has been let out of rehab for a break to go shopping.  She went to Forever 21 with a friend and loaded up on loungewear, which is presumably what she needs a lot of now that she’s living in a treatment center.

I’m very confused by this development, as I thought the entire point of the judge setting her release date for January is so she’d be in Betty Ford during the tempting holiday season.  But if she gets trips out do do unsupervised recreational activities, what exactly is the point of ordering her to stay in rehab?  It’s like these people still don’t get just how sneaky she can be when she wants to.

Lindsay Lohan will be in rehab over Christmas and the New Year

A judge once again spared Lindsay Lohan the indignity of having to do jail time (I swear that girl is made of teflon), and has instead ordered that Lohan remain where she is, doing a rehab stint at the Betty Ford Center.  This decision was made over numerous protests from the prosecutor that Lohan isn’t likely to learn her lesson unless she does some significant jail time, and that the fact that judges keep cutting her slack where they wouldn’t with others only reinforces Lohan’s belief that she can get away with anything because of her celebrity.

Lohan has been ordered to remain in rehab until the 3rd of January, but it remains to be seen whether she will continue to stay at Betty Ford or be moved to another facility, as she has already complained that Betty Ford is too expensive and is quickly emptying her bank account.

Lindsay Lohan taking her rehab seriously, as usual

You would think that rehab would be the last place Lindsay Lohan would get in trouble, and that someone who entered the Betty Ford clinic voluntarily might take their recovery seriously.  However, Lindsay Lohan was caught attempting to climb a fence to gain access to the adjacent Eisenhower Medical Center, where there are vending machines selling Coke.  

This may not sound like a big deal, but caffeine is on the list of forbidden substances for patients at Betty Ford, and Lindsay Lohan both understood and agreed to abide by this rule for the duration of her stay.  She and a fellow patient were spotted by guards after they had some trouble climbing the fence.  They were returned to their rooms without incident.