Get the HELL Out Of Galveston!

“Born a Texan, always a Texan”. Even though Snarkista calls Nashville home now, a part of her heart (and a lot of family) will always be in Texas. If any of you awesome Snark Food readers have friends and family in the way of Hurricane Ike, URGE THEM to get the hell out of town. Many people are waiting on buses to take them to safety. There are NO buses coming. As we Texans say, better “hunker down”.

Many residents are NOT leaving Galveston, and this is NOT a good idea. They are walking and gawking. The problem with Ike isn’t so much the winds, as it is the incredible storm-surge he’s gonna bring with his bad ass. “Certain death” is what National Weather Service officials are warning. Don’t screw with “certain death”.

You can watch over 15 live Galveston, Houston and other Gulf Coast webcams here.

The seawall around Galveston has always lulled residents into a feeling of invincibility. It’s 17-18 feet tall, and was built after the horrible hurricane of 1900, which killed between 8,000-12,000 people. Ike’s storm surge is expected to be over 25 ft in places, creating waves reaching 35 to 50 feet high. Basically, a tsunami. This is inconceivable in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is what the forecasters are warning. Ike could be worse than Katrina. Especially when you’re counting on a wall that’s over 100 years old.

Houston, you’re not immune. Does Alicia ring a bell? The flooding won’t spare you, and when the downed trees keep the utility folks from restoring your power, water and sewer services, you may be in a world of hurt. Snarkista says if you know someone in the way of Ike, call ’em, text ’em, or just throw their asses in the car.

Those people in the picture above? They’re standing on Galveston’s seawall. Ike’s still about 12 hours from landfall. Helicopter rescues are already happening, over 200 people now NEED rescuing, and the damn roof just fell off of Hooters. If HOOTERS can’t float, your house doesn’t stand an effin’ chance. Get out, or get the sharpie out. Use it to write your social security number on your arm.

1-800-Red Cross
, or the Red Cross Website if you want to help.