Lindsay Lohan will be in rehab over Christmas and the New Year

A judge once again spared Lindsay Lohan the indignity of having to do jail time (I swear that girl is made of teflon), and has instead ordered that Lohan remain where she is, doing a rehab stint at the Betty Ford Center.  This decision was made over numerous protests from the prosecutor that Lohan isn’t likely to learn her lesson unless she does some significant jail time, and that the fact that judges keep cutting her slack where they wouldn’t with others only reinforces Lohan’s belief that she can get away with anything because of her celebrity.

Lohan has been ordered to remain in rehab until the 3rd of January, but it remains to be seen whether she will continue to stay at Betty Ford or be moved to another facility, as she has already complained that Betty Ford is too expensive and is quickly emptying her bank account.