Lindsay Lohan actually wins a legal battle

Lindsay Lohan has been involved in yet another legal issue – yes, it’s about her addictions again, but this time she was the plaintiff and not the defendant.  Lohan sued E*Trade, and online stock trading company, for $100 million, claiming violation of her rights via the unauthorized use of her name and identifiable characteristics in one of E*Trades television commercials.  The ad shows a toddler named Lindsay trying to steal the boyfriend of another toddler.  The Lindsay toddler is further described as a “milkaholic,” and of course if you have the word “Lindsay” and the suffix “-holic” anywhere within a few sentences of each other, everyone on the planet is going to know exactly what you’re referring to.  Sad, but true, and E*Trade probably knew they didn’t have a chance in hell if it went to court, so they settled the suit for an unknown amount.