Lorenzo Lamas to change his name

Usually actors don’t like to change their names, especially if they’ve built a career with a certain name, but actor-turned-reality-star Lorenzo Lamas is a little more experimental than most.  After four failed marriages, Lamas has just gotten married a fifth time, and in a very modern move, he has decided to take his wife’s last name, Craig.

Lorenzo says that he’s changing his name because he wants a fresh start and he thinks this is the best way to do it, but the producers of his reality show, unfortunately titled Leave It to Lamas, may be more than a little bit annoyed at the change.

Shauna Sand Got Punched In The Funbags

And they didn’t explode! The Empress of Lucite, Shauna Sand, filed a restraining order against her Frenchy estranged husband Romain Chavent for hitting her in the ta-ta during a spat. The former playboy model is pissed ‘cuz it hurt extra… she just had her implants redone. At least she has plenty of plastic from her shoe collection to patch up any damage. Wonder what Shauna’s carbon footprint is?!