Lost Alternate Endings from Jimmy Kimmel!

The Lost finale came and went last night and left us sad, sentimental and slightly unsatisfied in its wake. After wringing our hands, crying copiously and screaming at the television for two and a half hours, it was nice to finally get a few laughs with Jimmy Kimmel‘s Lost alternate endings after the finale closed.

Jorge Garcia as Hugo (ABC)
Jorge Garcia as Hugo (ABC)

The Lost alternate endings video aired as part of the Jimmy Kimmel Aloha to Lost special after the Lost finale. While personally we would have loved to actually have seen real alternate endings to the show to pick and choose from, we still enjoyed the spoofs. Especially since the Lost cast seemed to have a pretty fun time with them too.

Lost may be over and for the most part remain as unexplained and mysterious as ever, but we’ll never forget it as one of our favorite shows of all time.

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