Lourdes Having To Be The Grownup In Madonna’s Divorce

Poor Lourdes Leon, being Madonna’s daughter has gotta be a rough gig. It’s embarrassing enough to have your mom writhing all over the stage when she’s 50 years old. It’s gotta suck when Madge appropriates Lourdes’ look too. Which she does, and it makes The Material One look even more desperate.

Apparently things have gotten even worse, as 12 year-old Lourdes is having to act as a peacemaker between Madonna and soon-to-be ex hubby Guy Ritchie. Lourdes already has to put up with Madonna’s strained relationship with her father, Carlos Leon.

So, Madonna and Guy are reportedly set for an early divorce…after Lourdes played the mediator. Vadge is said to be close to finalizing the split from her filmmaker husband after announcing their marriage is over earlier this month. The settlement is attempting to be amicable, for Lourdes sake.

The UK’s News of the World reports that: “Lourdes is heartbroken. Although Guy isn’t her biological dad, she loves him to pieces and loves living with him in London. She wants to visit Guy as often as possible. She’s known him for most of her life, after all.”

The NOTW source says that Madge thinks the couple’s other children, 8 year-old Rocco, and adopted 3 year-old David Banda, are too young to understand the divorce. Yeah. Whatever makes you feel better.

“Lourdes has begged her parents to keep it friendly, adding: “Lourdes is more worldy wise… and she got very upset. She knows how it might go because of the sometimes strained relationship her mum has had with her birth father.”

No shocker that Madonna’s behaving like a two year-old. She’s reportedly gathered up the things she still has that are Guy’s, or gifts from Guy, and is going to BURY THEM. In the dirt. They’re emitting some kind of anti-Kabbalah vibe that will kill Madonna if she doesn’t put ’em six feet under.

Madge has to have a Krazy Kabbalah counselor with her 24/7 to help her keep her shizz together. Hopefully Lourdes will get a REAL counselor, ‘cuz she’s gonna need one.