Crazed 16 Year Old Madonna Fan Tries To Kill Guy Richie

Guy Richie seriously needs to start wearing some of Madonna’s dominatrix-wear around as protection. A mad-crazy Madonna fan busted up on the set of director Guy Ritchie’s new movie and threatened to kill him.

Guy, in the middle of a high-profile divorce with Madonna, was just yards away when the teenager ran on to the set waving a 12-inch knife yelling: “Where’s Guy? I’m going to kill him!” Security guards bagged him and wrestled him to the ground. He was screaming: “I’m Madonna’s biggest fan! I’m gonna kill Guy.”

The nutbag was completely dressed in black, and somehow managed to get on to the set in Manchester where Guy is filming a remake of Sherlock Holmes. A source told The Mirror that:

“The bloke was screaming about Guy and shouting, ‘I love Madonna’. It was terrifying. At first it seemed like a sick joke but it was soon obvious the knifeman was not messing around. Luckily there were four security guards and two policemen who were able to overpower him. He added: “Guy was understandably upset, but carried on as if nothing had happened.”

A 16-year-old was arrested. Damn! Did anyone see a helicopter? You KNOW A-Rod was behind this.