Russians LOVE Jessica Simpson In Worst Movie Ever Made

Those crazy Ruskies! Jessica Simpson’s bomb of a movie “Major Movie Star” never opened in the United States, but it’s become a huge hit in Russia! It opened there on October 9th, and is #1 at the box office. Da!

The movie has a “Private Benjamin” like premise…ditzy blonde joins the military, yada, yada, and was described by one of its participants (who didn’t want to be named) as “maybe one of the worst films ever made”. It will be premiering in Bulgaria in November! This was the release formula the powers that be followed for Jessica’s PREVIOUS bomb, “Blonde Ambition”. Stick to that plan, guys! This may be an awesome strategy for the US. Keep releasing J. Simp movies in the Eastern Bloc to distract them from an arms race! Punk Putin! Brilliant!!!

Check out the trailer and see what YOU think…

No U. S. release date has been set for the crapfest, which has 15 producers listed on the credits…and of COURSE one of them is Papa Joe. Papa Joe’s not doing so swooft at managing Jessica’s U.S. singin’ and actin’ careers. You can only do so much with what you have to work with. But, maybe Papa’s hit on a great international model for bombs, and not the nuclear kind. Release the “Major Movie Star” kinda flicks in entertainment-starved countries, and then send ’em straight to DVD. Take notes, flop-makers! Papa Joe didn’t get where he was by focusing on quality!!!