Mariah Carey Drunk Acceptance Speech at Palm Springs Award Show

Mariah Carey was more than just happy about winning the Breakthrough Actress award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival on Tuesday. She was drunk with joy! Or maybe she was just plain drunk. Carey accepted the award for her performance in Precious with a rambling, slurred speech barely audible over her massive fit of giggles.

Mariah Carey at Palm Springs International Film Festival
Mariah Carey at Palm Springs International Film Festival

“Please forgive me because I’m a little bit um, yeah,” Carey said between bouts of laughter during her acceptance speech. “Oooooooh, my goodness!”

My goodness indeed. Mariah Carey was certainly ‘high’ on life winning this award! “Sorry,” Carey told Precious director Lee Daniels at the award podium, giggling madly. “Sometimes I get a little… you know, difficult.”

Carey closed out her rambling speech with a tired shout out to the audience. “I thank you all for listening to my little spiel and God bless you.”

Next time we advise laying off the sauce before hitting the stage if you really want to thank people for their support. Otherwise you just come across as pretty much an ass who doesn’t give a shit.

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