Mariah Carey Trips on ‘Jay Leno Show’

Pop diva Mariah Carey nearly ended up eating floor during her appearance on The Jay Leno Show last night. Carey was guesting on the show to promote the release of her new movie Precious.

Mariah Carey on 'The Jay Leno Show'

Walking on the set of The Jay Leno Show Monday night, Mariah Carey tripped over her stilettos and nearly took a nose dive into the floor. After she barely managed to save herself from a full face plant, Jay Leno escorted Carey to her seat with an arm around her back.

Laughing about the near-spill, Carey joked the whole incident was planned in advance to “make Jay nervous he might get sued. Carey blamed the trip on a malfunctioning shoe strap on her super high heels before moving on to discuss her role in Precious.

Watching the video, you’ll see Carey actually has a bit of trouble right as she enters, before she trips herself up and nearly takes a header. And the face she makes mid-trip – priceless!

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