Mariah has contractions but no babies

Singer Mariah Carey had to be rushed to the hospital due to premature contractions, but doctors got everything under control and sent Mariah home.  Mariah tweeted that she would have been happy to have the babies on the 27th, which is her birthday (or, as she bizarrely refers to it, her “anniversary”), but as it turned out it was not meant to be.

Carey is not due for a few weeks yet, and the babies are definitely better off at the moment where they are.  Early contractions are common, but Carey did the right thing by going to the hospital just to have everything checked out.  Mother and babies are both doing fine.

Nick Cannon talks about Mariah’s cravings

Mariah Carey is pregnant with twins, reportedly a boy and a girl, and her appetite has grown to match her double-baby bump.  Husband Nick Cannon spilled the beans (and rice and collard greens) about what his wife has been craving during her pregnancy, and details about her daily routine.

According to Nick, Mariah loves Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cereal, and keeps a steady supply in the house for when she gets hungry.  She’s also been in a cooking mood, making elaborate southern dishes every night including smothered pork chops, collard greens, and pecan pie.  Nick claims that Mariah’s not actually eating all that food, though – jut making it and smelling it satisfies her cravings.

Mariah Carey pregnant with twins

Mariah Carey is not only spawning, but there will be two mini-Mariahs to contend with soon.  Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon, announced on the radio that they’re actually expecting twins, but he stopped short of revealing the sex of the twins.

Nick said that they had delayed reporting the pregnancy and the expectation of twins because they were trying to keep things low key after Mariah suffered a miscarriage back in 2008.  Nonetheless, Nick says that the twins are in perfect health, and that the doctors expect the pregnancy to continue without any problems.  Mariah is due sometime in the spring, though the exact date is still a secret.

Mariah Carey Pregnancy Rumors Heat Up Again After Oscar Hint Drop

The Mariah Carey pregnancy rumors are heating up again after the diva dropped a mysterious hint at the Oscars about something “special” on the way. Carey has been plagued with rumors she is pregnant with husband Nick Cannon‘s baby quite a few times over the past year, partially due to her perpetually curvy appearance.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (ABC)
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon (ABC)

“I have a lot of new acting projects coming up,” Mariah Carey said told the New York Post’s Page Six. Carey said she had spoken to Precious director Lee Daniels about several movie ideas. Besides her upcoming film projects, however, Carey also said there is “something else very special on the way” but “can’t say any more” about that right now.

The mysterious statement helped launch a new round of pregnancy rumors about Carey and hubby Nick Cannon, especially since the notoriously champagne-loving singer allegedly didn’t touch a drop of alcohol at the Oscars, according to Hollywood Life. Carey’s rep, however, reportedly keeps insisting she is not preggers.

Whether she is actually knocked up this time around or not, we do have to say Mariah Carey’s bosoms were doing amazing things in her Oscar dress Sunday night. We don’t know what kind of underwire was holding those things up, but we give a hearty bravo to whoever managed that gravity-defying feat!

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Is Mariah Carey Finally Pregnant?

Now that Mariah Carey has bagged her baby husband Nick Cannon, she’s made it clear she wants a REAL baby. Big time. The NY Post says that spies in LA saw her coming out of a well-known obstetrician’s office on North Crescent Boulevard,

“clutching what looked like a sonogram and being greeted by her entourage with cheers. She was ebullient.”

Moreover, it was reportedly the same type of paper that Minnie Driver was holding when she found out she was pregnant at the same doctor’s office. Natch, Mariah’s rep said, “As far as I’m told it’s not true.” Which means she is OUT of the loop. Mariah wasn’t too successful in convincing the press to pay for a BIG wedding to Nick after their quickie wedding, so maybe she’ll have better luck peddling baby pics. Bumpwatch on! If Mariah IS gonna give birth, it needs to be here…in the Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital. I kid you not.

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