Michelle Williams Tries Something New on for Size

Michelle Williams has always seemed like the demure, quite starlet, and after Heath Ledger’s death – with whom she has a daughter – she receded into silence even more. But now she’s playing Marilyn Monroe, a role which promises to break her out of the quiet background and into something much more mainstream.

Until now she’s played roles like Alma in “Brokeback Mountain” Wendy in “Wendy and Lucy,” and Cindy in “Blue Valentine.”

A more pronounced fame could easily creep up on her in her role as Marilyn in “My Week With Marilyn.” She does more than act, talk, and sing like Monroe; she IS Monroe. The Daily News says “She inhabits all of Monroe’s vulnerability, all her insecurity and all her sex appeal. She doesn’t just get under Monroe’s alabaster skin, she finds her conflicted soul.”

Perhaps it’s because she has a conflicted soul of her own. But whatever the reason, we’re just happy to see Michelle shine!


Elizabeth Taylor buried at Westwood Cemetery

Actress and Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, who died last week from complications stemming from congestive heart failure, has been buried at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, next to her mother and father.  Taylor is in good company at Westwood, as many of Hollywood’s greatest stars are buried there.  Taylor’s family crypt is located in close proximity to Marilyn Monroe‘s grave, and other big names like Dean Martin, Walter Matthau, and Farrah Fawcett are also buried nearby.

The funeral was a who’s who of Hollywood names, and many stars, including Elton John, have praised Taylor’s work not only as an actress, but as an activist for AIDS back when being an AIDS activist was a very uncool thing to do.  Taylor was 79.