No, Lily. Just No.

Lily Allen performed at Hyde Park in London yesterday, for the 02 Wireless Music Festival. Lily wore THIS outfit: a gray tank top sans bra, leopard-print leggings– Snarkista’s most HATED item of clothing, and some heels. Producer Mark Ronson, Lindsay Lohan’s possible future brother-in-law, performed two songs with Lily: “Oh My God” and “Littlest Things,” Lily smoked a ciggy throughout.

Snarkista thinks that Lindsay has SOMETHING to do with Lily’s recent loss of ALL fashion sense. Especially where the leggings are concerned. Lily and Lindsay have become pals, and that’s never a good thing where style is concerned. Let this be a lesson to all of you who might have a thought of wearing leggings. Please, please, just say NO.