Friday’s Fifteen Minutes

Marla Maples

It’s Friday! AND the Fourth of July!! What better time for a red, white and blue Friday’s Fifteen Minutes, where z-listers get some press while they try to go for twenty! The boys have been on a roll, but fear not…Ms. Marla Maples is at bat for the other team this week! The former Mrs. Donald Trump has been frolicking lately in a variety of bikinis, with no discernible reason other than someone has been taking her pictures!

Marla was Mrs. Trump between Ivana and Melania; she trolloped her way into the gilded palace of tackydom, got knocked up, and then flounced on out. She’s laid pretty low ever since, but for some reason she’s back. So… good luck to Marla with whatever she’s attempting; let’s hope it’s not an album or a sex tape. Happy Independence Day! And Marla? The clock is ticking!