Indie Drummer Jerry Fuchs Dies After Fall Down Elevator Shaft

Indie rock drummer Jerry Fuchs died Sunday after a tragic fall down an elevator shaft in Williamsburg. Fuchs, who has drummed for bands such as !!!, LCD Soundsystem, Turing Machine and Maserati, died at Bellevue Hospital at 3:30 a.m.


Jerry Fuchs, 34, was reportedly caught in a stuck elevator at a fund raising benefit for The Uniform Project – which helps children in the slums of India – on Sunday. The freight elevator Fuchs and another man were riding in reportedly became stuck several feet above the fifth floor.

Both men attempted to jump down to the floor from the elevator. The unidentified man with Fuchs made the jump successfully. Fuchs, however, reportedly caught his clothing on the elevator as he jumped and was yanked back into the elevator shaft.

Fuchs’ roommate, Alex Frankel, found the drummer five stories below, near death. “We found him in the elevator shaft,” Frankel said, according to the New York Post. “He was no longer able to speak.” Fuchs was later pronounced dead at the Bellevue Hospital.

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